The Loving Chef 7 Week Online Vegan Transformational Programme

Then this could just be the enabler that helps you achieve your goals!

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Award Winning Vegan Chef

Meet Your Teacher, Natasha

I was so blessed to be Michelin trained at the Ecole Hoteliere Lausanne in Switzerland, widely renowned as the best hotel management school in the world.

Since then I have developed a passion for Vegan, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free food that nourishes our bodies and souls, while moving towards a more sustainable diet for our planet.


Natasha Caton The Loving Chef

Fully Supported:

The Vegan Transformational Programme will be an immersive experience, where together with your fellow like-minded food lovers, you’ll spend the Summer cultivating your own healthy eating practice.

How Is The Course Delivered

LIVE TLC together with zoom sessions, so you can attend the classes live, ask questions to Natasha and then be supported in the group afterwards as you go through the implementation of what you learn in the kitchen, always supported by The Loving Chef.

Have Plans That Night?

We know that your life is busy! That is why all classes are recorded & available on demand so that you don’t need to miss out. Catch up any time that suits you. 

WOW! I have now had the opportunity twice to taste the amazing vegan cakes from the beautiful Natasha (The Loving Chef).....on my gosh. So tasty, to the point I want vegan cooking lessons with you. You have to try her food folks, you really do! Natasha herself is an inspiration because of everything she does to help others. What a charismatic and passionate individual - you just want to be around her! Highly, highly, highly recommend! xxx

I had one of your wonderful savoury flapjacks yesterday at the Vintage Retreat Vegan Fayre and it was absolutely delicious. Thank you for sharing 💜

Beautiful food, made with love...Natasha is an amazing chef. Would highly recommend it. ❤️❤️❤️ x

The baking day served up a variety of delicious treats that tasted wonderful without relying on refined sugar. Natasha has a wonderful teaching style that brings JOY into food and cooking.

OMGOSH 👌 The vegan dessert I tried today was absolutely exquisite! The taste was just delicious, the texture was was a perfect mixture of soft, gooey and a little bit crunchy... It was so delicious I would never have guessed how healthy it was!! Pure passion on a plate!” Well done 🌸 I wish you well with your venture and would definitely recommend XxX"

What a haven this really is. The yurt is a wonderful venue and the vegan food is truly divine. Natasha makes everything with such love. Such a welcoming and beautiful place. Thank you!

Exclusive Group Access

Recipes and ideas so that you can stay engaged in your healthy eating options.
‘How to’ videos & photos so that you can see the recipes being made and avoid mistakes.
Support and guidance, answers to your questions so that you never get left behind.
Opportunities to share your ideas, your progress and discoveries so that you can inspire and learn from each other.

Course Breakdown

Use the toggles to explore what you will be learning week by week to expand your understanding & creativity with Vegan cooking & recipes to make your lifestyle happy & healthier!
  • Tune in. Let every sense tune in to the food experience. The texture, the utensils, the presentation, the color. Every aspect of the food becomes an enjoyable experience that is noticeable to those you share it with .
  • 4 ways to transform your dull carb filled dinners to eating the rainbow and adding sparkle to your food, so that it brings excitement and joy to you and your food.
  • Introducing the truth on how to feed your soul and balance your chakras so you feel more grounded, energized and balanced for your day.
  • 4 Essential Kitchen gadgets every vegan kitchen must contain, and how they will halve your prep time.
  • The secrets of coconut oil, understanding what it is, how to introduce it into your lifestyle, the best on the market for your personal health care.
  • Why you can quit buying manufactured vegan spreads when you discover how easy and a yummy homemade vegan spread can be made from scratch.
  • 9 Essential nuts that are an important source of fiber, good fats, and a source of protein with powerful antioxidants.
  • Wholesome new ways of eating nuts , that are easy to prepare, and fulfill the grazing need.
  • Why you can quit buying manufactured Nut Milks when you discover how easy and yummy homemade nut milk can be made from scratch.
  • Discover the world of amazing textures and colours of legume Pasta, high in protein and fibre, but are grain and gluten free for the health-conscious individual.
  • Using your pantry items in ways you may have never experienced before – bringing your garden inside
    to unearth this ingenious method to receive more nutrition from pulses and legumes.
  • Sweeteners – Discover the world of alternatives that tempt your sweet tooth and breakaway from the refined white sugar trap.
  • Introducing the surprising ways to create Vegan alternatives to omelettes and scrambled eggs so you are not missing out on YOUR Sunday breakfast.
  • 5 Essential superfoods to supercharge your breakfast to ensure that your body is filled with essential vitamins and minerals, to kick start YOUR day.
  • Smoothies – Sneak some extra fruits and vegetables Into your family’s life to keep them going to lunch time!
  • Create your own little graze box that is jam packed with great nutritional benefits.
  • Transform a traditionally sweet favorite to a powerhouse savoury snack- leaving you satisfied, to your next full meal.
  • Hidden secrets of raw avocado & cocoa, that stops your cravings without refined sugar.
  • Our top 3 favorite main courses, to tempt you and your loved ones to eat healthy, while incorporating new flavours, textures and colours to your table.
  • Exciting and stimulating activity around your table for friends and family that encourages children to eat healthy.
  • Batch Cooking – Preparing food in advance to create healthy balanced dishes that create space and convenience in your life.

BONUS #1: The Vegan Kitchen

When you sign up for the course you will also receive a copy of the e-book – The Vegan Kitchen. This is a beautiful step by step summary of the course content and includes recipes, tips and lists of suppliers.
It’s the essential companion to the videos and masterclass recordings. You can download it from your welcome email when you sign up

BONUS #2: Award winning cake making lesson

Our Chocolate and cherry cake has been a finalist in the Northampton food and drinks awards for several years running. Learn how to make our award-winning chocolate cake and discover different techniques to make your cakes a showstopping success.


Discover this collection of simple vegan recipes, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, treats and smoothie options.

This Includes: 2 X MEAL PLANNERS

Learn Portion Control

Planning your own meals will allow you to see how much you’re actually eating. This also prevents you from overeating at restaurants, which tend to serve a way bigger portion than you should actually be eating.

Save Time

Being hungry and realizing you have nothing planned is undoubtedly stressful. Instead of standing in front of your fridge or pantry deciding what to whip up, you can have your healthy meal ready in minutes. This also saves you the hassle of cleaning up after cooking.

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