Easy Vegan Recipes Pack

Discover this vegan recipes Pack which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, treats and smoothie options.

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See how Natasha creates Mexican Tofu Scramble! A recipe found in our free vegan recipes pack that you can get instant access to by filling in your details!

Easy Vegan Recipes Pack

Here is a easy vegan recipes pack that is easy to download and print off to encourage you to try new exciting recipes that are packed with healthy, nutritious ingredients for you to get creative with, for tantalizing your taste buds.

Learn Portion Control

Planning your own meals will allow you to see how much you’re actually eating. This also prevents you from overeating at restaurants, which tend to serve a way bigger portion than you should actually be eating.

Save Time

Being hungry and realizing you have nothing planned is undoubtedly stressful. Instead of standing in front of your fridge or pantry deciding what to whip up, you can have your healthy meal ready in minutes. This also saves you the hassle of cleaning up after cooking.

Avoid Wasting Food

When it comes to meal planning and shopping lists you go to the grocery store with a plan and know how you’re going to use all of the items. When every food has a purpose, you won’t have to worry about items in your fridge going to waste. Whether you’re cooking for your entire family or just yourself, taking the time to look at the plan of your meals for the week ahead is definitely worth the effort. The key is just to set aside a little bit of time each week to do it.

Save Money

Everyone can agree that saving money is something we all try to do, and meal planning is a great way to help. Weekly shopping lists also involve buying items in bulk, which can be a huge money saver. Sticking to what’s on the list also avoids impulse buys at the grocery store.

Award Winning Vegan Chef

Meet Your Teacher, Natasha

I was so blessed to be Michelin trained at the Ecole Hoteliere Lausanne in Switzerland, widely renowned as the best hotel management school in the world.

Since then I have developed a passion for Vegan, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free food that nourishes our bodies and souls, while moving towards a more sustainable diet for our planet.


Natasha Caton The Loving Chef

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WOW! I have now had the opportunity twice to taste the amazing vegan cakes from the beautiful Natasha (The Loving Chef).....on my gosh. So tasty, to the point I want vegan cooking lessons with you. You have to try her food folks, you really do! Natasha herself is an inspiration because of everything she does to help others. What a charismatic and passionate individual - you just want to be around her! Highly, highly, highly recommend! xxx

I had one of your wonderful savoury flapjacks yesterday at the Vintage Retreat Vegan Fayre and it was absolutely delicious. Thank you for sharing 💜

Beautiful food, made with love...Natasha is an amazing chef. Would highly recommend it. ❤️❤️❤️ x

The baking day served up a variety of delicious treats that tasted wonderful without relying on refined sugar. Natasha has a wonderful teaching style that brings JOY into food and cooking.

OMGOSH 👌 The vegan dessert I tried today was absolutely exquisite! The taste was just delicious, the texture was was a perfect mixture of soft, gooey and a little bit crunchy... It was so delicious I would never have guessed how healthy it was!! Pure passion on a plate!” Well done 🌸 I wish you well with your venture and would definitely recommend XxX"

What a haven this really is. The yurt is a wonderful venue and the vegan food is truly divine. Natasha makes everything with such love. Such a welcoming and beautiful place. Thank you!